International guest (english version)

Dear International guest,

Our school has an old Flemish name … it means I want to help someone.

It is located in Western Flanders (Belgium) in the neighbourhood of some historical cities like Bruges, Ghent  and Ypres and very close to the Belgian coast.

We offer an educationprogram to students to become a geriatric, psychiatric, homecare or general nurse.
Our education program has a modular structure with a minimum study duration of three years.  The modules consist of four weeks of classes and four weeks of practical learning in different hospitals, elderly homes and psychiatric centres.

Our students study many medical and medical related subjects like anatomy, somatology, pathology, healthy nutrition and diets, medical terminology, general and specialised nursing, first aid, communication, health education, etc.

We provide a strong emphasis on the practical side of this education.  The practical lessons are held in class rooms especially designed for that purpose.

After obtaining their degree, students can get employed in hospitals, elderly homes, psychiatric centres or home care.

Students get the opportunity to register for diverse training abroad, for example in the Netherlands, and can also participate in various programs in developing countries such as India, Senegal, Zambia, … etc

We have been cooperating with the Leonardo da Vinci projects for about 10 years now and have been able to manage teachers’ and students’ projects with several schools in Finland, Latvia, Denmark, Greece, Germany, Portugal, Spain, ... and The Netherlands

Are you a student/teacher  who want to have a work placement in our region? We can offer you a place in a hospital, elderly home or revalidation centre in our region.  Just send a mail to the coordinator of internationalization of our school  He will take contact with you